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Donna Curran

Individual, Couples, and Family Therapist

Donna M. Curran, LCSW

Individual, Couples, and Family Therapist

  • Are you feeling depressed, hopeless, or overwhelmed?
  • Do you notice a lack of closeness and trust in your relationship?
  • Are you struggling with unresolved conflict and poor communication with your partner or family members?

For over 30 years, Donna Curran has been helping individuals, couples, and families to improve their relationships, overcome self imposed limitations, and gain greater satisfaction in life. Compassionate and focused, Donna can help you break down problems to make them more manageable, and pave the way through stress and chaos to a better life.

“Everyone encounters times in their life when they feel unsupported in their relationships, and have feelings of self-doubt or worthlessness. However, I believe that every individual is a valuable human being capable of reaching potential beyond their wildest expectations. Overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles and solving life’s problems becomes much easier when you develop a positive attitude toward yourself.  As a clinician I can help you maintain a greater sense of self-worth, develop the skills to solve problems, and embrace a healthy outlook toward life.  My clients have reported a deep sense of personal growth when given the tools and support they need. If you are ready to  make a positive change, and find new meaning in life, I can help you discover the resources you already have within yourself to achieve your goals. We will work together in a confidential, nonjudgmental atmosphere, tracking your progress along the way.”

Donna is a licensed Clinical Social Worker and is certified by the American Board of Examiners in Social Work. She has a Masters in Social Work from Temple University and a Masters in Health Administration from Pennsylvania State University. She has previously held a private practice in Pennsylvania, while serving as Acting Associate Director for the Department of Veterans Affairs. She then served as Assistant Director for the Department of Veterans Affairs in Richmond, VA. Donna completed post graduate work and holds a certification in structural family therapy from the Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic.

To make an appointment or to speak with Donna call Help Your Way at 804-562-6604.

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