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Jane Ellen Santos

Parenting Coach

Jane Santos

Jane Santos, BS, QMHP has over 25 years of experience helping parents and families, including foster and adoptive families, to overcome the roadblocks that often get in the way of positive family relationships. According to Jane, “parent coaching supports a shift in thinking from parents attempting to control or force children’s behaviors, to cultivating the relationships that influence better choices.”

Jane’s previous leadership roles have included serving as the director of the Educational Alliance Parenting and Family Center, where she was recognized for her accomplishments in developing effective and creative approaches for working with children and families. Jane also has extensive experience providing intensive in-home services in Richmond, VA to families of children struggling with severe behavioral challenges.

With her background in music, visual, and performing arts, Jane integrates creative techniques that inspire parents and children to become excited about making changes. Jane is also certified instructor in the “Great Behavior Breakdown” system for addressing severe behaviors. She has a Bachelor’s of Science from SUNY Empire State College in Human Development, with a focus on early childhood and parenting.

Session Locations
Sessions are generally provided in your home, and are scheduled at your convenience.
If you prefer, we can provide services at our office on Monument Avenue in Richmond, VA.

Parent Coaching is an educational coaching program, not a mental health service. It does not replace any mental health service that a participant may receive or require.

Call Jane at 804-562-6604 for more information about parent coaching.

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