Help Your Way


Kathy Levenston, LCSW

Kathy has been working in the field of mental health and social service for over 25 years, with a focus on helping the families of troubled children and youth. “We created Help Your Way because we saw the need for a mental health practice that focuses on effective partnership with our clients, engaging their strength and wisdom in achieving their goals. We recognize that our clients are customers with choices, who are seeking to make a significant change in their lives. Our most vital responsibility goes beyond providing a service, to creating a context and springboard for this change to occur.“

Kathy was the founding director of “Home for Good,” a home based mental health program that began in Richmond, VA in 2009, renamed “Help Your Way” in 2012. She is a certified trainer with the International Center for Clinical Excellence, and has provided presentations on Feedback-Informed Treatment and other current topics in mental health for local agencies and groups.

Kathy has a wealth of experience with international populations and cultures. She has roots in the northeast as well as Richmond, Virginia, with master’s degrees in social work from VCU, and in religious studies from UVA, and a bachelor’s degree in cultural anthropology from Wesleyan University.

Kathy is involved in local and statewide advocacy for improving the outcomes of behavioral healthcare. She is currently President of the Virginia Association for Family Preservation, and she serves on the Behavioral Health Advisory Council, charged with building a consensus among consumers, providers, and state agencies to monitor the provision of behavioral health services across the state of Virginia.

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